Counseling Intern

  • #CI25 -  Counseling Intern

    Job Summary: Performs supervised individual and group counseling, supervision, crisis intervention, and consultation/outreach. Provides psychological assessments, intakes and appropriate referrals. May perform other related tasks that are a part of the agency's operation. Work is supervised by professional staff, and individual clinical work is supervised by a licensed psychologist. This is a 12 month, 40 hour per week, 2000 hour internship.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
    - Conducts intake interviews with clients who request counseling services and completes the required clinical documentation via our electronic recordkeeping system within the same day.
    - Provides individual and group counseling to clients on a scheduled basis or through crisis intervention.
    - Maintains up-to-date clinical documentation via our electronic recordkeeping system.
    - Consults with supervisors and staff as needed.
    - Attends training seminars, staff meetings and supervision on a weekly basis and in a prompt manner.
    - Represents the department and division at public relations events as requested.
    - Interacts with staff and clients in a professional and ethical manner.
    - Commits to a full-time, 30 hour per week internship.
    - Participates in supervision and training with an openness to learning and receiving feedback.
    - Utilizes psychodiagnostic assessment procedures and psychometric methods to facilitate psychotherapy as needed. 

    Non-essential Duties and Responsibilities:
    Performs additional job-related duties and responsibilities as requested. 

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
    - Knowledge and basic skills in counseling practices and methods.
    - Ability to plan, implement, evaluate and report activities conducted.
    - Ability to communicate effectively in writing and to prepare written and electronic documents.
    - Ability to communicate orally, both in person and by telephone.
    - Ability to travel to meetings and counseling sites.
    - Ability to establish rapport with others as a requisite for healthy and therapeutic relationships.
    - Ability to present oneself in an appropriately personable and professional manner to students and staff.
    - Ability to receive and utilize constructive feedback regarding performance, presentation and relationships with others.
    - Ability to be both consistent and flexible as circumstances warrant.
    - Ability to effectively weigh and evaluate personal needs, client needs and the aims and policies of the agency and to respond and negotiate these competing needs as appropriate.
    - Ability to remain calm and supportive in psychological emergencies and/or crises when provided with appropriate supervision and direction.
    - An enhanced level of self-awareness as to how he or she relates to others and an ability to effectively modulate this personal style as conditions warrant.
    - Ability to communicate via computer email.